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Bobby Caldwell of Erie, PA, is a proud collector of The Walt Disney Classics Collection. The Walt Disney Classics Collection was established in 1992 and features porcelain figurines that are absolutely gorgeous. Collectors love collecting Disney memorabilia, because it not only helps represent a company that has provided so much entertainment and joy, but also because there’s such a significant demand for Disney memorabilia. While Robert Caldwell of PA is exclusively on the hunt for figurines from the now defunct Walt Disney Classics Collection, he thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the most valuable pieces of Disney memorabilia in the world today.

Value is determined by demand and the demand is highest for things that are older, rarer, and in pristine condition. One of the most highly sought out items by serious Disney collectors is a poster from the 1933 Mad Doctor cartoon. A poster, which features Mickey Mouse tied to an electric chair with the mad doctor in the background sharpening his knife is an extremely rare find. There are about a handful of these original 1933 posters on earth. Back in 2006, Bobby Caldwell of Erie, Pa, notes that one of these posters sold for an astonishing $138,000. As the years progress, this collector is sure to have the option to sell for a significant profit.

Bobby Caldwell of Erie, Pa, notes that collectors go crazy for pristine, classic comic books. Walt Disney’s Comic and Stories No. 1 is no exception. Anyone who has one of these comics will likely find that they can receive anywhere from ten to twenty thousand dollars for their copy. Bobby Caldwell of Erie, PA, notes that comics are grated on a scale to determine their quality. One of these comics in particularly pristine condition sold back in 2008 for $116,500 and was graded a 9.4. Imagine the excitement that the owner felt when they received that incredible evaluation.

Disney sculptures are always hotly contested items at auctions. 1996’s Trail of the Unicorn Limousine is one of the rarest and most in-demand pieces of Disney memorabilia in history. Valued at more than $80,000 dollars, this Scrooge McDuck stretch limo measures at 60 inches by 14 inches long and is made entirely of expertly crafted porcelain. It’s a truly beautiful piece of art and the belief is that only five were made available to the public.

It’s always fun for Bobby Caldwell of Erie, PA to read up on different pieces of Disney memorabilia and their incredible monetary value. As someone in pursuit of collecting every piece from the Disney Classics Collection, he does warn fellow collectors of the number of scammers who look to sell inauthentic pieces of Disney collections. Because there is such intense demand for Disney pieces, there will always be fakes on the market. Bobby Caldwell of Erie, PA, notes that anyone interested in starting their own Disney collection should spend plenty of time researching their sources. Fortunately, there are a significant number of reputable collector shops that can provide certificates of authenticity along with every memorabilia purchase.

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